The Gutter Shield advantages over competitors.

   ► No end caps or miters to purchase.

   ► Uses the same universal clip for all gutter styles

   ► Each clip has two screws to prevent it from moving.

   ► Clips are spaced 24 " apart. Less chance of debris getting caught.

   ► Mounts on virtually any existing gutter (K-style, half round & commercial)




You can become the leading gutter protection company in your area! 

   ► Priced to sell.

   ► Ease of installation.

   ► Lowest profile professional gutter cover available.

   ► Made of lifetime materials, aluminum shield, stainless steel clips & screws.




 The Gutter Shield comes with Stainless Steel Clips & screws.


 ► Each 4' section requires 2 Stainless Steel Gutter Clips and 4 screws. 

 ► Each 100' box includes 55 clips (more than enough to complete the job)

 ► Each box contains 110  #6 stainless steel screws.





IMPORTANT: The Shield need not match the color of the gutters. Choose a color which will coordinate with the roof  and gutters.

BLACK is our most popular color since it is nearly invisible from ground level when installed. Remember it is only 3/4" tall and it fits under the first row of shingles. Only the front edge is visible not the entire device like other gutter covers.

BLACK coordinates or blends in with any color roof or gutter. It enhances the appearance of the gutter by giving it a finished appearance!


COPPER: NEW COPPER The Gutter Shield



Fits all 4", 5" & 6" K Style & Half Round Gutters Same dimensions as aluminum however much heavier in thickness to prevent bending.






We are confident that after just one installation of The Gutter Shield you will clearly see  the advantages over any other product. It's ease of installation, great performance and customer acceptance is a very persuasive argument for using our gutter cover.  Hundreds of other gutter protection contractors have learned the difference using The Gutter Shield makes in their bottom line, you can too. You have everything to gain by using our system and absolutely nothing to loose, why not trying it today!


Become the The Gutter Shield installer for your area.






Will not rust or corrode is compatible with all metals


Extra Clips

Stainless Steel Clips

Gutter Shield Clips  sold in bags of (55


Patented Clip # 6,735,907

►Patented design locks onto Shield without screws.

►Same clip works on K style, half round and commercial gutters.

►Slot on clip locks onto gutter. 2 screws hold clip firmly to gutter even in heavy wind. 




Self Starting # 6 x 3/8" 


Extra Screws

Stainless Steel Screws

  #6 Magnetic, Stainless Steel, Baked On color Coating

 Stainless Steel 100 ct          

 Stainless Steel 1000 ct      

(Painted) Stainless Steel 100 ct  

(Painted) Stainless Steel 1000 ct 





IMPORTANT: Thin Walled short, nut driver REQUIRED for attaching clip to gutter


  THIN WALL NUT DRIVER Made exclusively to work with our clip (T/W Magnetic Nut Driver)




Hangetite gutter hangers   Mill, Aluminum finish






Hangetite gutter hanger shown at left


 5" hidden hangers, Carton of 1000 - 5" hangers

 6" hidden hangers, Carton of  750- 6" hangers   





Plated Steel



  Plated Steel #10 X 1-1/4" Hex Head screws for hangers Box of  100 - 

  Plated Steel #10 X 1-1/4" Hex Head screws for hangers Box of  500 - 






STANDARD NUT DRIVER  for gutter hanger screws




Use with drill.

 Hex Head Magnetic, Screw Driver.

 For installing Long Screws for hidden hangers.

 4" Length, 1/4 head Nut Driver
 6" Length, 1/4 head Nut Driver






Black Streak Removal Made EASY!


Spray It On, Rinse It Off!



 Nothing You Have Ever Tried Cleans Gutter Streaks Like Gutter-Brite

The black streaks on gutters are a result of electrostatic bonding of tar & asphalt from roofing material and other debris to painted Aluminum or other painted surfaces. These streaks are not stains, but are molecules of one type of material bonded to another. 

 "Gutter-Brite" will break down this bond which will allow you to remove the unwanted streaks off your aluminum gutter with little effort and  


 Gutter-Brite works best when the material temperature is over 50 degree. The warmer the better.



Makes enough product to clean up to 3,000 feet of gutters, depend on streaks. 

1 gallon                    

1 case of  4 gallon   





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