The Gutter Shield

The Weather  

Let it Rain, Let it Rain, Let it Rain

Gutters would clean themselves automatically every time it rains if the amount of debris that got into them was small enough to be carried away with the rain water as it travels the length of the gutters then out of  the downspouts.  

That can take place only when the majority of debris such as but not limited to leaves, twigs, tassels, acorns, nuts etc. which fall on your roof  from nearby trees is diverted to the ground rather than collecting inside or above your gutters even backing up on the roof.  

SEE HOW The Gutter Shield WORKS

The Gutter Shield   has a very low profile of just 3/4" in height, and is barely visible when viewed from ground level.  Each 4 foot aluminum section is installed on new or existing gutters and extends upward between the starter shingle and the first row of shingles which is located immediately above the starter or lowest shingle.   It is held fast to the gutter by our unique stainless steel fastening system. Our system requires no screws or nails through the shingles into the decking to hold it in place.  On most installations only a few inches of the cover is visible since its top edge fits up under the first row of shingles which hang over the bottom edge of the roof.

 Stainless steel clips placed every 24" insures a secure, maintenance free gutter system even in high winds and crush protection in heavy snow.  

Patent No. 6,735,907



How does the clip work?

  •  Notice the notch at the bottom of the C shaped opening of the patented clip.  When the shield is installed the C shaped opening of the clip fits over the curved edge of the shield. The shields rounded edge is compressed inside the clip as the shields bottom edge presses against the notch thus holding the shields securely in place. 

  • Any movement  of the gutter during a strong wind, heavy downpour or heavy snow load is compensated by the C shaped opening which allows movement and prevents excess stress on the screws holding the clips in place on the gutters. 

  • Other gutter protection systems do not address this critical issue which eventually causes the screws holding on their devices to the gutters to loosen and fall off.

  •  Additionally The Gutter Shield is not fastened to the roof with screws or nails like other devices. (Fastening any device to the roof sheathing with screws or nails will cause roof leaks later on.)


The shields back edge extends up between the starter shingle and the first row of shingles directly above it. The entire top of the gutter is covered to keep debris out.


Water adheres to the shield by a process called cohesion, it follows the curvature of the rounded front edge into the gutter.

   Patent No. 6,735,907

The curved bottom edge of The Gutter Shield   as seen below diverts even the heaviest downpour of rain water directly into the gutter.

Leaves, trash and debris blow right off the roof or fall over the The Gutter Shield 's smooth surface and rounded, edge to the ground where they belong since they can not get into the gutter! If by chance some small twigs etc. find their way into the gutter they are easily carried away by the free flowing rain water out of the down spouts. Important: The Gutter Shield is designed with no grooves, holes, slits, or braces that will catch small debris and eventually clog the front slot where water enters the gutter. There is no place for debris to catch and eventually cause a pile up over the gutters or on the roof.  This is a major problem with other gutter devices.

IMPORTANT: Patented Design & Installation Methods 

  • All joints are precisely trimmed and uniquely overlapped to provide additional strength and added performance. 

  • All overlaps are secured with color matched stainless steel screws.

  • All Clips are High Grade Stainless Steel. (will not cause an adverse chemical reaction with any gutter materials)

  • All Clips are secured to the gutter with stainless steel screws.

  • The clips unique self locking design holds The Gutter Shield firmly in place permanently.



The Gutter Shield durable aluminum construction with patented stainless steel clips protect against crushing even in areas that get heavy snow. The weight of this concrete block did not affect the integrity of The Gutter Shield.  "We are NOT saying that you can drop a concrete block on it without damage!"


The Gutter Shield KEEPS SNOW FROM GETTING INTO THE GUTTERS. However your gutters will continue to perform just like any other clean, free flowing gutter, if they get icicles or any other form of ice it will not result from clogging due to leaves or debris in the gutters. The Gutter Shield   keeps the gutters leaf and debris free, so they can drain properly year round. Any and all gutters may ice up under adverse conditions, with or without The Gutter Shield   or any other device. We recommend installing electric heat tape inside your gutters if you live in deepfreeze conditions and want to keep the water flowing.




How To Make Every Installation A Custom Fitted Job!


Fits The Following Gutter Types

  1. K Style 5" & 6"

  2. Half Round

  3. Commercial Gutters

Works on The Following Gutter Materials

  1. Aluminum

  2. Galvanized Steel

  3. Copper 




No Screws or Nails Attached To Roof

Which Could Cause Leaks

And Damage To The Roof 



Shields are secured to the gutters with Patented, Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel Clips & Screws.

Shield swill never come loose or blow off.


The Gutter Shield is Custom Fitted To Your Gutters

Miters And End Caps Are Made, On Site For A Perfect Fit

Every Joint Is Uniquely Overlapped For Strength and Performance

A Perfect Fit On Every Gutter, Every Time


Birds & Rodents Can Not Get Into Your Gutters To Nest


The Gutter Shield

~~ Looks Great ~~

~~ Keeps Working For The Life Of The Gutters ~~

The Gutter Shield