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Are there any other gutters or gutter devices being sold that do the same thing The Gutter Shield   does?  Yes, there are several well known professionally installed systems out there. However, beware there are a lot of imitations and knockoffs out there also. Most of the leading national competitors charge extra for end caps, valley treatments and down spouts etc. Oh and by the way with some of these systems the perfectly good existing gutters must be completely removed discarded and replaced by their system!

Is there anything that fits on existing gutters similar to The Gutter Shield  ? Yes, however only a few professional gutter cover products available.  You have probably see them advertised in your area.    All of the devices that fit on top of the gutter and extend upwards over the gutter and are fastened under the second row of shingles or nailed or screwed right on top of the shingles. All of these devices are virtually identical in design and function. They have a similar shape and are about the same width. That's right they are virtually identical in shape, design and size because they are all copies or knockoffs of the device that claims to be the original gutter cover. These competitors have only minor variations and difference. They share a common draw back, they are BULKY and UGLY. These gutter covers rise 3 to 4 inches above the gutters they are attached to and are about 10 to 16 inches wide.  These devices are so large and bulky that they change the appearance of the home.  They are so large that the  top edge must be nailed or screwed to the roof to keep the wind from blowing them away. 


This generic gutter cover is attached right over the shingles and is held in place by screws that go right through the shingles into the roof sheathing. This assures the home owner of a major roof repair job later!



See the screw in right photo near the top edge near the ruler

These screws are places ever 3 to 4 feet apart for the full length of the gutter.

There are several do-it-yourself gutter covers that can be purchased in hardware stores, building supply stores or mail order catalogues. Theses do-it-yourself devices have had limited to dismal success. They generally fail within a season or two by because the entry point becomes loaded down and clogged with leaves and debris or they blow off the roof because they are not attached to the gutters securely. 


IMPORTANT: Any device that is nailed or screwed through the shingles into the decking will eventually leak causing roof damage which is not covered under their warranty. 

Let the buyer beware! Shown below is Patent Drawing of the large bulky device from which all of the other gutter covers described above are copies.

 When you have one of these Large, Bulky, Ugly devices installed on your gutters and need to replace your roof you must remove the gutter covers and after the roof has been replaced you must pay to have them re-installed.  The drawing here shows the top edge of the device being nailed or screwed to the roof decking right down through the shingles.

From our observation of numerous homes with these type gutter covers when the homeowners had their roofs replaced the majority chose not have them put back on after seeing the water damage to their roof as a result of water leaking around the nails or screws that held the upper edge of these devices to the roof!  Which would you rather have a free flowing gutter or a rotted roof ? These home owners wanted free flowing gutters and they got them but they also got a rotted roof to go with it!

These bulky devices we described are highly visible from ground level.  The reason these companies offer so many different colors for their gutter covers is to try to camouflage the LARGE, BULKY, UGLY devices they are installing on your roof.


These BULKY devices look like a trunk bumper mounted on a roof.



  Why would anyone replace a top of the line gutter protection system as seen above left with The Gutter Shield ?


Let us show you why






These large devices must be fastened to the roof to keep them from blowing away.



Screws inserted in their top edge through the shingles into the roof decking often cause leaks that eventually rot the roof cheating, costing homeowners thousands of dollars to repair.

This was discovered when water finally dripped through the rotted roof.


Now you can see why this homeowner opted to remove his top of the line gutter protection device and replace it with The Gutter Shield the one not having any of the inherent problems of big oversized gutter protection devices.

There are other devices that are made of plastic one has a micro fine nylon, mesh, screen that filters the water before it goes into your gutters. The device has a guarantee that nothing can get into your gutters except water and that your gutter will never clog.  That may or may not be true however the screen mesh is so fine that it easily becomes clogged with micro fine dirt from the roof after several seasons.  Where does the water go?  The water that should be going into the gutter flows across the clogged mesh and right over the gutters edge to the ground.  


This two piece device is touted to be the number one and its price reflects it, yet it still clogs



This on piece system is touted as top of the line in its class and yet its clogs


The best of the best will CLOG if not maintained properly!

All inexpensive gutter protection devices fail after only a few seasons because they do not address these major issues involved with true gutter protection.

Gutter screens by any name or description or slotted devices from local building supply stores clog quickly and are very difficult to clean and impossible to maintain!!


The Gutter Shield  





It actually makes your existing Gutters look better, like one of the more expensive system similar to Leaf Guard, Gutter-Guard, or K-Guard

But without their problems or their price!



It Is Not Bulky or Ugly Like The Gutter Covers Above

Which Fit On Existing Gutters





The Gutter Shield is definitely different from anything else on the marker and our approach to satisfaction is different also.  While our competitions high pressure salesmen assure their customers of clean gutter forever we know that this is just not true. We provide a real guarantee, one that the customer can understand and trust, not just an imagined gutter protection guarantee that is supposedly going to last a lifetime, if the customer discovers a clogged gutter after it has caused extensive damage to their home.

Maintenance Program

An optional annual maintenance program prevents any of the tragedies shown above.

The Gutter Shield is installed in a fashion that permits a technician easy access to each down spout opening which can be inspected annually to remove any debris that would eventually cause a clog and disrupt the a full flow of water away from the roof. Every gutter protection device needs this protection, however The Gutter Shield is the ONLY one providing it!

The person who purchases a gutter protection system either does not want get on the roof or they can not get on the roof to clean the gutters themselves. They want a system that allows them to never worry about climbing a ladder, go on the roof or be concerned whether or not the system is working properly. 

The Gutter Shield maintenance program  assures each customer of full gutter protection from year to year at a fraction of the cost of gutter cleaning and assures them of what they wanted originally. Free flowing gutters year round for as long as they live there!



  • Only 7 inches wide.

  • No wire or screen to clog. 

  • No nails or screws into the roof to cause leaks.

  • Fits under the first row of shingles (true low profile).

  • Front edge rises only 3/4 inch above the front edge of the gutter

  • The roofing shingles can be replaced without removing the shields.

  • Uses the worlds only universal stainless steel compression clip. (Patented)

  • Works on all types of gutter systems K-Style, Half Round and Commercial.

  • Works on any gutter composition, steel, stainless steel, galvanized, par-bond, aluminum or copper.


Every Aspect of The Gutter Shield Is Protected By US Government Patent 6,735,907

There is nothing else available at any price that compares

  • The unique design of The Gutter Shield is patented

  • The unique way the clips attach to the Shield is patented

  • The unique way the Shield is attached to the gutter is patented

  • The unique way the end caps are formed as a part of the Shield is patented

  • The unique multi purpose clip for attaching the Shield to the gutter is patented

  • The unique method of slowing down the water passing over the shield is patented

  • The unique way the Shields are joined together by a unique overlapping method is patented

  • The unique way the Shield aligns the front of your gutters to make them look better is  patented

  • The unique combination of the materials including the clip, the shield and the attachment screws is patented

  • The unique tool required to attach the clip to the gutter is patented and only available to authorized installers


Wise Shoppers Make Better Decisions

So Encourage Your customers To Do Their Homework & Do Their Math



A common question often ask by many home owners is "How much do you charge per foot for your gutter protection system?"  Some companies will give them a low price per foot, some as low as $8 dollars per foot.  This is just to make their device sound somewhat reasonable over the phone, in order to get an appointment. This is a tactic in sales known as low-balling. This tactic is used to get a professional salesman into your home with a high pressure sales presentation that is hard to resist.  

The unwary customer did not know he should be asking them about their so called accessories which are required for installation and they failed to mention that their end caps, inside and outside miters (corners) and valley treatments are extra, downspouts are extra, removing the gutters and disposing of them is extra and the charges go on and on. 

The $8 dollars per foot turns out to be  around $50 per foot as a shock tactic.  Of course there are discounts to be had to lower the price. Soon the price was down to $28 to $38 dollars per foot for a turn key installation of some devices. This sounded great to the un-wary customer however the sales person never expected to get $50 per foot in the first place.

It is important to understand that the so called discounts for buying today, a discount for a yard sign, a discount for being the first in your area to buy and so on and so fourth are a means of getting the price down to what they really wanted in the beginning. 

Virtually every customer feels he must beat the price down to get a deal, so the professional sales person plays the game. As long as the company has started high enough and the customer keeps balking at the high price, the sales person can keep pulling another discount out of the hat until the customer is happy when he compares the starting price with the one he beat them down to..

Example: Starting price $50 per foot. Customer says TO HIGH!  Sales person brings the price down slowly by offering what sound like legitimate discounts from $50 to $45 to $40 to $35 and finally $30 until the customer feels comfortable not paying full price.  Customer WHAT A DEAL!  You wanted $50 per foot and I got it for just $30 per foot. "When can you start."

Actually the sales man expected to get from $25 to $35 per foot for the sale.  But what really is the bottom line? The customer paid your competitor way more than you would have charged in the first place.  So when you offer a 25% discount over any recognized national competitor price you save the customer a bundle and make more than you would have if the competitor were not there!


Forget about the per foot charge and get right to the bottom line, that's what really counts!







The prices shown here are average overall cost by the major gutter protection companies described above for Residential Homes having approximately 160 feet of gutters. Some areas may be a little more and some a little less.

The competitors charge from $3,100.00 to $5,900.00 for the average home

The Gutter Shield installers traditionally provides an average savings of 25% over major national competitors.

Why do we recommend charging around 25% less that our recognized national competitors described above?


The Number 1 Reason Is:  Our unique Patented design  allows our installers to clean customers gutters and install The Gutter Shield   in substantially less time than any of our competitors. Less installation labor means that installers can charge less and still make a great profit while saving the customer money!

Our installers love to be the last gutter protection company to arrive for an estimate so they can reveal all of the drawbacks of each device that their high-pressure sales people failed to tell them about.  When they compare the features, quality and price of each system side by there is no doubt The Gutter Shield   comes out on top every time for features, quality and price.


Why Shouldn't They "Get The Best For Less"


We recommend that all local participating contractor who are presented a legitimate written estimate from any of the nationally recognized competitors described above beat their price by up to 25%. Of course if it is ridiculous price and not from a national recognized competitor forget it!

How can you do that? It's the unique patented design which allows you to install our product much quicker than any of our competitors products. This means each of our valued installers get more customers and save them money on every installation!